Intranasal Administration of Oxytocin Increases Envy and Schadenfreude (Gloating)

  title={Intranasal Administration of Oxytocin Increases Envy and Schadenfreude (Gloating)},
  author={S. Shamay-Tsoory and M. Fischer and Jonathan Dvash and H. Harari and Y. Levkovitz},
  journal={Biological Psychiatry},
  • S. Shamay-Tsoory, M. Fischer, +2 authors Y. Levkovitz
  • Published 2009
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Biological Psychiatry
  • BACKGROUND Humans have a strong social tendency to compare themselves with others. We tend to feel envious when we receive less valuable rewards and may rejoice when our payoffs are more advantageous. Envy and schadenfreude (gloating over the other's misfortune) are social emotions widely agreed to be a symptom of the human social tendency to compare one's payoffs with those of others. Given the important social components of envy and gloating, we speculated that oxytocin may have a modulating… CONTINUE READING
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