Intramuscular and surface EMG power spectrum from dynamic and static contractions.

  title={Intramuscular and surface EMG power spectrum from dynamic and static contractions.},
  author={Helle Collatz Christensen and Karen S\ogaard and Bente Rona Jensen and Lawrence Finsen and Gisela Sj\ogaard},
  journal={Journal of electromyography and kinesiology : official journal of the International Society of Electrophysiological Kinesiology},
  volume={5 1},
During sustained static contractions an increase in the root mean square (rms) amplitude and a decrease in mean power frequency (MPF), or median power frequency (MF) of the electromyographic (EMG) signal are indicators for the development of muscle fatigue. However, when studying dynamic contractions the interpretation of these variables has been questioned. Therefore, the purpose was to compare the EMG variables recorded from a non-fatigued muscle during a slow low level dynamic contraction to… CONTINUE READING

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