Intramuscular 16-phenoxy PGE2 ester for pregnancy termination.


A new PGE2 derivative (16-phenoxy PGE2 methyl sulfonylamide sulprostone) was administered by the i.m. route to 48 women pregnancy in any of the three trimesters. The indications for pregnancy interruption were either serious medical problems in intact pregnancies (21 cases) or due to fetal death in utero (27 cases). Single doses of 500 micrograms were… (More)


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@article{Toppozada1979Intramuscular1P, title={Intramuscular 16-phenoxy PGE2 ester for pregnancy termination.}, author={M H Toppozada and Ali Warda and Maya Ramadan}, journal={Prostaglandins}, year={1979}, volume={17 3}, pages={461-7} }