[Intramucosal growth patterns of superficial colorectal carcinomas].


Intramucosal growth patterns of minute superficial colorectal carcinomas removed by endoscopic surgery were analyzed on these microscopic views by using two dimension morphometrical system. Superficial colorectal carcinomas were classified into 2 types based on endoscopic findings; superficial elevated type 21 cases and superficial depressed type 30 cases. Main factors determining growth pattern in mucosa depended on size in superficial elevated type and ratio of transmucosal growth in superficial depressed type. PG type and NPG type showed the same growth pattern in terms of ratio of transmucosal growth and mucosal thickness of central depressive area to the horizontal size. Accordingly, intramucosal growth patterns were different between superficial elevated type and superficial depressed type in minute lesions. And, PG type and NPG type could be included as superficial depressed type.

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