Intramolecular signal transduction by the bradykinin B2 receptor.


To study the intramolecular signal transduction, we performed single point and cassette mutations in transmembranal and intracellular regions of the bradykinin B2 receptor. We studied the influence of the two intramembranal Cys residues at positions 304 and 348, the role of Arg at position 177 in the highly conserved tripeptide sequence Asp-Arg-Tyr, the… (More)


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@article{Mueller2002IntramolecularST, title={Intramolecular signal transduction by the bradykinin B2 receptor.}, author={Sylvia Mueller and Claus Liebmann and Siegmund Reissmann}, journal={International immunopharmacology}, year={2002}, volume={2 13-14}, pages={1763-70} }