Intramitochondrial Signaling -interactions among Mitok Atp , Pkc, Ros, and Mpt

  title={Intramitochondrial Signaling -interactions among Mitok Atp , Pkc, Ros, and Mpt},
  author={Alexandre Dias Tavares Costa and Keith D. Garlid},
Activation of protein kinase C epsilon (PKCε), opening of mitochondrial KATP channels (mitoKATP), and increased mitochondrial reactive oxygen species (ROS) are key events in the signaling that underlies cardioprotection. We have shown previously that mitoKATP is opened by activation of a mitochondrial PKCε, designated PKCε1, that is closely associated with mitoKATP. MitoKATP opening then causes an increase in ROS production by Complex I of the respiratory chain. This ROS activates a second pool… CONTINUE READING