Intrahepatic portal vein branches studied by percutaneous transhepatic portography.

  title={Intrahepatic portal vein branches studied by percutaneous transhepatic portography.},
  author={Kenichi Takayasu and Noriyuki Moriyama and Yukio Muramatsu and Yasuo Shima and Hidemi Goto and Takayuki Yamada},
  volume={154 1},
Percutaneous transhepatic portography was performed in 31 patients. Based on the anterior and lateral images, the authors have concluded that the portal vascular system described in most anatomy textbooks does not correspond to the anterior portogram. A more practical nomenclature and order of branches are proposed, in which the first order includes the proximal portal vein branches; the second order includes the right anterior and posterior segmental branches, the umbilical portion of the left… CONTINUE READING

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