Intraductal ultrasonography of the pancreas: development and clinical potential.

  title={Intraductal ultrasonography of the pancreas: development and clinical potential.},
  author={Tatsuya Furukawa and Kenichi Oohashi and Kenji Yamao and Yasuo Naitoh and Yoshiki Hirooka and Tomoko Taki and Akihiro Itoh and Shinya Hayakawa and Yoshinori Watanabe and Hidemi Goto and Tetsuo Hayakawa},
  volume={29 6},
Intraductal ultrasound (IDUS) probes mounted with 30 MHz or 20 MHz transducers were evaluated in the diagnosis of 239 patients with pancreatic disease (including 48 cancers, 90 mucin-producing tumors, seven islet-cell tumors, two metastatic pancreatic tumors, seven serous cystadenomas, one pancreatic teratoma, three solid cystic tumors, 49 cases of chronic pancreatitis, 25 cases of focal pancreatitis, and seven cases of pancreatolithiasis). The probe was inserted via the papilla into the main… CONTINUE READING


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