Intractable congenital chylous ascites.

  title={Intractable congenital chylous ascites.},
  author={Arjan B. te Pas and K vd Ven and Marcel P. M. Stokkel and Frans J Walther},
  journal={Acta paediatrica},
  volume={93 10},
UNLABELLED A male newborn presented with congenital chylous ascites, the treatment of which is difficult and complicated due to persistent loss of chyle. The primary therapeutic goal is to reduce the lymph flow and to allow the leakage to heal naturally. Usually, conservative management--enteric rest with total parental feeding or an enteral diet with medium-chain triglycerides--can achieve this. A new treatment option is the use of octeotride, a somatostatin analogue. Both therapies failed in… CONTINUE READING


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