Intracranial subdural sarcoid granuloma. Case report.


A patient is reported in whom a subdural sarcoid granuloma caused symptoms of an intracranial mass lesion, and disappeared following steroid therapy. Twenty-three previous cases with large intracranial sarcoid granulomas have been documented, a review of these 24 cases leads the authors to conclude that: 1) neither symptoms nor nonhistological diagnostic studies, including computerized tomography, differentiate sarcoid from cerebral neoplasms or other central nervous granulomas; and 2) because sarcoid mass lesions frequently respond well to corticosteroid therapy, surgery should probably be reserved for cases in which there is diagnostic uncertainty, a need for emergency decompression, or lack of response to steroids.


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@article{Healton1982IntracranialSS, title={Intracranial subdural sarcoid granuloma. Case report.}, author={Edward B. Healton and Geremia Zito and P Chauhan and John C.M. Brust}, journal={Journal of neurosurgery}, year={1982}, volume={56 5}, pages={728-31} }