Intracranial neoplasms during the first year of life.

  title={Intracranial neoplasms during the first year of life.},
  author={Graciela Zuccaro and Ana L{\'i}a Taratuto and Jorge A Monges},
  journal={Surgical neurology},
  volume={26 1},
During a 7-year period, from January 1976 to December 1982, 470 brain tumors were treated at the Hospital de Niños Ricardo Gutierrez in Buenos Aires, 40 of which occurred in infants under 1 years of age. Diagnosis was at best tentative because most cases were referred on account of symptoms and nonspecific signs, e.g., macrocephaly, vomiting, and altered behavior. The supratentorial location was predominant over the infratentorial, with a ratio of 4:1. Craniotomies with resection of tumor were… CONTINUE READING