Intracranial meningiomas of atypical (WHO grade II) histology

  title={Intracranial meningiomas of atypical (WHO grade II) histology},
  author={Leland Rogers and Mark R. Gilbert and Michael A. Vogelbaum},
  journal={Journal of Neuro-Oncology},
Atypical (WHO grade II) meningiomas occupy an intermediate risk group between benign (WHO grade I) and anaplastic (WHO grade III) meningiomas. Although grade II meningiomas have traditionally been recognized in only about 5% of cases, after changes in diagnostic criteria with the current 2007 WHO standards, they now comprise approximately 20–35% of all meningiomas. Given the magnitude of this change, much work is now needed to solidify the adoption of these standards, to render inter-observer… CONTINUE READING