Intracranial Neurophysiological Correlates Related to the Processing of Faces

  title={Intracranial Neurophysiological Correlates Related to the Processing of Faces},
  author={Margitta Seeck and Christoph M. Michel and Olaf Blanke and Gregor Thut and Theodor Landis and Donald L. Schomer},
  journal={Epilepsy & Behavior},
Face perception and recognition is an intriguing ability, already present in neonates. Numerous studies in patients with brain lesions identified the temporo-occipital cortex as the crucial structure for this capacity. Analysis of electrical signals (EEG) inside the brain of patients implanted with intracranial electrodes for diagnostic purposes allows researchers to describe the temporal and spatial organization of responses to various aspects of face processing in human subjects. Several… CONTINUE READING

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