Intrachannel Nonlinearity Compensation by Inverse Volterra Series Transfer Function

  title={Intrachannel Nonlinearity Compensation by Inverse Volterra Series Transfer Function},
  author={Shilin Xiao and Liangchuan Li and Yuanda Huang and Kai Cui and Qianjin Xiong and F. N. Hauske and Changsong Xie and Yi Cai},
  journal={Journal of Lightwave Technology},
The Volterra series transfer function (VSTF), in which the input-output relationship of a nonlinear system is represented by a series of nonlinear kernel functions, is an elegant tool to model nonlinear systems. The inverse of a nonlinear system can be constructed by analyzing VSTF. We propose a new electronic nonlinearity compensation scheme based on inverse VSTF. We show 1 dB improvement in Q-factor with a 256 Gb/s polarization-division-multiplexed 16-level quadratic amplitude modulation… CONTINUE READING
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