Intracerebral hematoma after evacuation of chronic extracerebral fluid collections.

  title={Intracerebral hematoma after evacuation of chronic extracerebral fluid collections.},
  author={L M Modesti and Charles J. Hodge and M L Barnwell},
  volume={10 6 Pt 1},
Among 140 cases of chronic extracerebral fluid collections treated surgically, 7 cases (5%) of intracerebral hematoma occurring immediately after drainage were encountered. In none of the patients was a preoperative intracerebral clot or contusion identified by either computed tomographic scan or angiography. One patient had pre-existing systemic hypertension. Five of the patients had chronic subdural hematomas, 1 had a subdural hygroma and had been previously radiated for medulloblastoma, and… CONTINUE READING
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