Intracellular trafficking and dynamics of double homeodomain proteins.

  title={Intracellular trafficking and dynamics of double homeodomain proteins.},
  author={Cecilia Ostlund and Ruth M Garcia-Carrasquillo and Alexandra Belayew and Howard J Worman},
  volume={44 7},
Double homeodomain (DUX) proteins are encoded by a family of 3.3-kilobase repeated elements dispersed in the human genome. One of these elements named D4Z4 is found in a tandem repeat array on chromosome 4 that is partially deleted in facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy. We have evaluated the trafficking and mobility of two DUX proteins, DUX1 and DUX4. We transfected C2C12 myoblasts with cDNA encoding these proteins fused to the green fluorescent protein and studied their intracellular… CONTINUE READING


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