Intracellular sphingosine releases calcium from lysosomes.

  title={Intracellular sphingosine releases calcium from lysosomes.},
  author={Doris H{\"o}glinger and Per Haberkant and Auxiliadora Aguilera-Romero and Howard Riezman and Forbes D Porter and Frances M Platt and Antony Galione and Carsten Schultz},
To elucidate new functions of sphingosine (Sph), we demonstrate that the spontaneous elevation of intracellular Sph levels via caged Sph leads to a significant and transient calcium release from acidic stores that is independent of sphingosine 1-phosphate, extracellular and ER calcium levels. This photo-induced Sph-driven calcium release requires the two-pore channel 1 (TPC1) residing on endosomes and lysosomes. Further, uncaging of Sph leads to the translocation of the autophagy-relevant… CONTINUE READING


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