Intracellular signaling pathways that regulate dendritic spine morphogenesis.

  title={Intracellular signaling pathways that regulate dendritic spine morphogenesis.},
  author={Akihumi Nakayama and Liqun Luo},
  volume={10 5},
Rac is a member of the Rho family of small GTPases and acts as a molecular switch. When GTP-bound, Rac binds specific effectors to induce downstream signaling events, including actin cytoskeletal rearrangements (Hall, Science 1998;279:509-514). Herein we review the recent evidence suggesting that Rac is involved in the morphogenesis of dendritic spines (Luo et al., Nature 1996;379:837-840; Nakayama et al., J Neurosci 2000; 20:5329-5338). In addition, we discuss how Rac activity is regulated by… CONTINUE READING

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