Intracellular metabolic pathways control immune tolerance.

  title={Intracellular metabolic pathways control immune tolerance.},
  author={Claudio Procaccini and Mario Galgani and Veronica De Rosa and Giuseppe Matarese},
  journal={Trends in immunology},
  volume={33 1},
Disorders such as obesity and type 2 diabetes have been linked to immune dysfunction, raising the possibility that metabolic alterations can be induced by or be a consequence of alterations in immunological tolerance. Here, we describe how intracellular metabolic signalling pathways can 'sense' host energy/nutritional status, and in response, modulate regulatory T (Treg) cell function. In particular, we focus on mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) signalling, and how stimuli such as nutrients… CONTINUE READING