Intracellular dynamics of polydnavirus innexin homologues

  title={Intracellular dynamics of polydnavirus innexin homologues},
  author={Daniel K. Hasegawa and P. Zhang and Matthew W Turnbull},
  journal={Insect Molecular Biology},
Polydnaviruses associated with ichneumonid parasitoid wasps (Ichnoviruses) encode large numbers of genes, often in multigene families. The Ichnovirus Vinnexin gene family, which is expressed in parasitized lepidopteran larvae, encodes homologues of Innexins, the structural components of insect gap junctions. Here, we have examined intracellular behaviours of the Campoletis sonorensis Ichnovirus (CsIV) Vinnexins, alone and in combination with a host Innexin orthologue, Innexin2 (Inx2). QRT‐PCR… 
Polydnavirus Innexins Disrupt Host Cellular Encapsulation and Larval Maturation
A role for Vinnexins in CsIV and more broadly Ichnovirus pathology in infected lepidopteran hosts, particularly in disrupting multicellular developmental and immune physiology is supported.


Functional Interactions between Polydnavirus and Host Cellular Innexins
Data suggest that altered gap junctional intercellular communication may underlie certain cellular pathologies associated with ichnovirus infection of caterpillar hosts.
Virus innexin expression in insect cells disrupts cell membrane potential and pH.
Results hint that members of the Vinnexin protein family may affect host bio-electrical phenomena to disrupt host cell physiology, and that the individual proteins of the family may differentially affect host physiology.
Analysis of Virion Structural Components Reveals Vestiges of the Ancestral Ichnovirus Genome
Many thousands of endoparasitic wasp species are known to inject polydnavirus (PDV) particles into their caterpillar host during oviposition, causing immune and developmental dysfunctions that
Iκβ-Related vankyrin Genes in the Campoletis sonorensis Ichnovirus: Temporal and Tissue-Specific Patterns of Expression in Parasitized Heliothis virescens Lepidopteran Hosts
It is hypothesized that PDV vankyrin genes may suppress NF-κβ activity during immune responses and developmental cascades in parasitized lepidopteran hosts of C. sonorensis.
Functional gap junction genes are encoded by insect viruses
Virus Innexins induce alterations in insect cell and tissue function.
Genomic and Proteomic Analyses Indicate that Banchine and Campoplegine Polydnaviruses Have Similar, if Not Identical, Viral Ancestors
Analysis of selected wasp genomic regions revealed genes presumed to be part of the replicative machinery of the progenitor virus, shedding new light on the likely identity of this virus, and provides unequivocal evidence that these two ichnovirus types are derived from related viral progenitors.
A Role for Innexin2 and Innexin3 Proteins from Spodoptera litura in Apoptosis
This study showed that Sf9 and Spli221 cells undergo low level apoptosis under normal culture conditions, but not Hi5 cells, which suggests that innexon-promoted apoptosis may be involving the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway.
Extensive Transcription Analysis of the Hyposoter didymator Ichnovirus Genome in Permissive and Non-Permissive Lepidopteran Host Species
Ichnoviruses are large dsDNA viruses that belong to the Polydnaviridae family. They are specifically associated with endoparasitic wasps of the family Ichneumonidae and essential for host