Intracavernous Administration of Adipose Stem Cells: A New Technique of Treating Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetic Patient, Preliminary Report of 6 Cases

  title={Intracavernous Administration of Adipose Stem Cells: A New Technique of Treating Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetic Patient, Preliminary Report of 6 Cases},
  author={Garber Mg and C. Simone nd},
Objectives: After revolutionized treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) with phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (PDE5) inhibitors, approximately 30% of patients are non-responsive. An important cause of this is vascular and smooth muscle dysfunction, as well as nerve atrophy. Stem cells are characterized by anti-inflammatory activities, as well as possibility of differentiating into tissue relevant to the penile architecture, and stimulation of angiogenesis. We report the effects of intracavernosal… 

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Type 5 Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors in the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Disease

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved sildenafil as an orally active therapy for the treatment of primary pulmonary hypertension and the drug will be marketed under the trade name of Revatio, not Viagra, the name used for the ED indication.

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Evidence is shown that ESC could restore the erectile function of neurogenic ED in rats, and there is evidence that ADSC could do so as well, and whether ADSC can differentiate into Leydig, Sertoli and male germ cells is investigated.

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  • I. Sharlip
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  • 1998

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Human neural crest stem cells transplanted in rat penile corpus cavernosum to repair erectile dysfunction

To investigate the feasibility of applying neural crest stem cells (NCSCs), with multipotent capacity, to repair injury in the penile cavernosum, the HNC10.K10 (K10) immortalized NCSC line was transplanted into thePenile cavernous smooth muscle cells and sinus endothelial cells.

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