Intracapsular pressure and pain in coxarthrosis.

  title={Intracapsular pressure and pain in coxarthrosis.},
  author={Otto Robertsson and Hans Wingstrand and Rolf Onnerf{\"a}lt},
  journal={The Journal of arthroplasty},
  volume={10 5},
Intracapsular hip pressure was measured before surgery in 17 patients (18 hips) with coxarthrosis. The results were correlated to pain as registered on a visual analog scale. With the hip in extension, the pressure was 49.5 mmHg (SD, 40.2); in 45 degrees of flexion, it was 21.3 mmHg (SD, 14.6); in extension and inward rotation, it was 105.7 mmHg (SD, 76.0); and in extension and outward rotation, it was 40.8 mmHg (SD, 32.0). A small amount, 0.7 mL (SD, 1.14), of joint fluid was aspirated… CONTINUE READING

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