Intra-sexual selection in Drosophila

  title={Intra-sexual selection in Drosophila},
  author={A. J. Bateman},
SINCE Darwin first wrote on the subject in 1871, sexual selection has been generally accepted as one of the basic facts of biology. The evidence in its favour seems, however, to be mainly circumstantial. Its existence has usually been inferred from sex differences depending on what are called secondary sexual characters which are supposed to have arisen as results of that selection. Such an approach has its dangers, and Huxley (1938) has made important criticisms of the original concept of… 

Role of sexual selection in speciation in Drosophila

Comparative studies based on intra- and inter-sexual selection provide evidence that both mate choice and male–male competition can cause selection of trait and preference which thereby leads to divergence among species.

Sexual Selection in Primates: Sex roles, contests for the control of reproduction, and sexual selection

My long-standing sensitivity to the sometimes left-out roles of females in sexual selection has affected my view of studies on the subject, and focused my attention particularly on sex roles, which is what I discuss in this chapter.

Choosy But Not Chaste: Multiple Mating in Human Females

  • B. Scelza
  • Biology, Psychology
    Evolutionary anthropology
  • 2013
In brief, this work is best known for illuminating the typically male strategy of intrasexual competition and the typically female response of intersexual choice.

Sexual selection and mating failures: where have all the females gone?

Despite the explicit recognition of potential female mating failures by the foremost figures of sexual selection theory, the topic has remained a dead twig on the evolutionary tree of mating theory.

Sexual selection: an evolutionary force in plants?

It is concluded that sexual selection can be a useful tool when studying the evolution of reproductive traits in plants and by including the evidence from an additional kingdom, a fuller understanding of the processes involved in sexual selectioncan be gained.

Bateman (1948): pioneer in the measurement of sexual selection

In his classic fruit fly study, Bateman (1948) reported the first empirical demonstration that the cause of the sex difference in intensity of selection was variation among males in mate numbers, and gave rise to the two leading approaches to sexual selection and mating systems research that exist today.

Mate choice and sexual selection: What have we learned since Darwin?

Overall, Darwin's contributions are still surprisingly relevant to the modern study of sexual selection, so students of evolutionary biology would be well advised to revisit his works.

Sexual Selection and Variance in Reproductive Success

  • M. Wade
  • Biology
    The American Naturalist
  • 1979
The purpose of this letter is to derive a concise expression for the variance in male reproductive success in terms of the variation in reproductive success among females, and to illustrate that relative parental investment as defined by Trivers is not an adequate measure of the intensity of intrasexual selection.


  • L. K. Johnson
  • Biology
    Evolution; international journal of organic evolution
  • 1982
A study of the influence of body size on mate preference and on success in intrasexual competition, in a natural aggregation of the neotropical brentid weevil, Brentus anchorago L. (Coleoptera, Curculionoidea, Brentidae).

Sexual Selection in Angiosperms: Paradox Re-visited

The present chapter discusses how sexual selection can occur in plants even though individuals do not make a direct interaction and attempts to review the conceptual developments in plants using evidences from different fields.




The experiments reported in the present article represent an attempt to explore the genetic basis of sexual isolation between D. persimilis and D. pseudoobscura and to draw inferences regarding the genetic mechanisms underlying the isolation between the species.

Sexual Isolation Studies in the Species Complex Drosophila Virilis.

The results of SPENCER and PATTERSON, STONE and GRIFFEN suggest the existence of sexual isolation in the virilis complex similar to that found by DOBZHANSKY and KOLLER in D. athabasca, and the success of the mating was not measured directly, but by the offspring obtained, so that many factors besides sexual isolation were involved.

An experimental study of sexual isolation in Drosophila

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