Intra-oral schwannoma: case report and literature review.

  title={Intra-oral schwannoma: case report and literature review.},
  author={Manoela Domingues Martins and Luciane Anunciato de Jesus and Kristianne P S Fernandes and Sandra Kalil Bussadori and Saad Ahmad Taghloubi and Marco Ant{\^o}nio Trevizani Martins},
  journal={Indian journal of dental research : official publication of Indian Society for Dental Research},
  volume={20 1},
Schwannoma is a relatively uncommon, slow-growing benign tumor that is derived apparently from the Schwann cells. The tongue is the most common site, followed by the palate, floor of mouth, buccal mucosa, lips, and jaws. It can present itself at any age. Usually, this lesion is not taken into account during clinical practice and the differential diagnosis includes numerous benign neoformations based on epithelial and connective tissues. Immunohistochemical features can be useful in determining… CONTINUE READING


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