Intra-/inter-View Correlation Based Multiple Description Coding for Multiview Transmission


With the development of 3D video technology, many studies have paid attention to compression efficiency and rate distortion performance. When 3D videos are transmitted over error-prone channels, they may suffer significant quality degradation. In this paper, we combine multiview video coding (MVC) with multiple description coding (MDC) for robust transmission. The proposed scheme can give full consideration of both intra-view and inter-view correlation for better estimation. Furthermore, an adaptive mode decision is designed to generate a label as redundant information. The experiments show that the redundant information occupies just a few bits while the PSNR values of the reconstructed videos demonstrate a significant improvement.

DOI: 10.1109/DCC.2015.13

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@article{Guo2015IntrainterViewCB, title={Intra-/inter-View Correlation Based Multiple Description Coding for Multiview Transmission}, author={Jiansheng Guo and Huihui Bai and Chunyu Lin and Mengmeng Zhang and Yao Zhao}, journal={2015 Data Compression Conference}, year={2015}, pages={446-446} }