Intra-abdominal infections due to Comamonas kerstersii.

  title={Intra-abdominal infections due to Comamonas kerstersii.},
  author={Marisa Nancy Almuzara and Rosana Cittadini and Cecilia Vera Ocampo and Romina Bakai and Germ{\'a}n Mat{\'i}as Traglia and Mar{\'i}a Soledad Ram{\'i}rez and Marcelo del Castillo and Carlos Alberto Vay},
  journal={Journal of clinical microbiology},
  volume={51 6},
Herein, we report four cases of Comamonas kerstersii intra-abdominal infections representing the first report of human infections caused by this Comamonas species. In addition, our work demonstrates the association of C. kerstersii with peritonitis secondary to appendix rupture.