Intra-abdominal adhesions: vaginal or abdominal delivery?

  title={Intra-abdominal adhesions: vaginal or abdominal delivery?},
  author={Shigeki Matsubara and Hironori Takahashi and Yosuke Baba and Rie Usui and Takashi Igarashi and Alan Kawarai Lefor},
  journal={Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics},
We read Herzberger et al.’s article regarding intra-abdominal adhesions [1], and the subsequent comment [2] and reply [3] with great interest. Adhesions can result from a cesarean section (CS) and seem to be greatly influenced by individual factors [1]. Patients who form adhesions are likely to have more adhesions at a subsequent operation. This fits my… CONTINUE READING