Into the unknown

  title={Into the unknown},
  author={Diana Kormos Buchwald},
ure. We have recently learned much about Einstein’s illegitimate daughter, his turbulent divorce from his first wife,his extramarital affairs and his inclination not to quote predecessors in scientific papers. A similar treatment was apportioned to Freud in the 1970s. There were many scholarly, as well as journalistic, exposés of Freud’s vanity, his competitiveness, his ruthless handling of colleagues, and, most famously, his views on the centrality of fantasy and invention in the sexual-abuse… 
Science Fiction: A Brief History and Review of Criticism
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‘Show yourself’: Indigenous ethics, Sámi cosmologies and decolonial queer pedagogies of Frozen 2
In this article, we examine the immensely popular animated Disney film Frozen 2 (2019) through its potential as decolonial queer pedagogy. Drawing on Indigenous educational studies, queer and
Symptom of the post-political : terrorism in Contemporary German, British and Hollywood Cinema
This thesis investigates the ways representations of terrorism in Hollywood, German and British cinema embody what Slavoj Žižek describes as the postpolitical, that is the current state of denial of
Adventures, hardship and a scientific legacy: Ludwig Leichhardt’s 1843 journey to Mt Royal in the Hunter Valley, NSW.
In January 1843, curiosity for natural history led a young German naturalist, Ludwig Leichhardt, to spend about three weeks exploring Mt Royal on the north of the Hunter Valley, about 70 km north
Early perceptions of an epidemic
  • Warwick Anderson
  • Psychology
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
  • 2008
Describing the Fore people made on early contact in the 1950s by patrol officers, social anthropologists and medical doctors found that a strange and fatal condition called kuru was a major affliction of the Fore, especially women and children.
Asian Dreaming: An Exploration of Ronald and Catherine Berndt's Relationship with Asia
Ronald and Catherine Berndt, eminent anthropologists of Aboriginal Australia, maintained a personal and professional interest in Asia throughout their almost fifty‐year marriage. Personally, this was
The Last of the Great (Foot-Slogging) Explorers: Lewis Cotlow and the Ethnographic Imaginary in Popular Travel Film
This essay focuses on the popular travel films and books of Lewis Cotlow (1898-1987), an American explorer, author, filmmaker, insurance broker and amateur ethnographer who made photographic
Nepal’s Search for Prosperity through Transit Diplomacy
This article traces out the causes for why Nepal’s search for prosperity through transit diplomacy appears to be an un accomplished venture. Identifying different indicators of Nepal’s transit
Teaching Practices Under the Shadow of COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic, which started to be seen around the world at the beginning of 2020 and affected all the countries of the world in a short time, has severely affected all social systems, health
Racialization of Religion
  • Nooraihan Ali
  • Education
    Black and Brown Leadership and the Promotion of Change in an Era of Social Unrest
  • 2019
Muslim American high school seniors navigate their educational spaces at a time when the 2016 Election has unleashed a rhetoric that is riddled with Islamophobia. The experiences of four female