Intimate partner violence among Latinas in eastern North Carolina.

  title={Intimate partner violence among Latinas in eastern North Carolina.},
  author={Amy C Denham and Pamela York Frasier and Elizabeth Gerken Hooten and Leigh Belton and Warren Newton and P. Acevedo Gonz{\'a}lez and Munni Begum and Marci Kramish Campbell},
  journal={Violence against women},
  volume={13 2},
This article explores the correlates of intimate partner violence (IPV) among rural, southern Latinas. A sample of 1,212 women in blue-collar work sites in rural North Carolina completed a questionnaire assessing IPV and other social, demographic, and health-related variables. Social and demographic correlates of IPV were examined. Adult lifetime prevalence of IPV in Latinas was 19.5%, similar to that of non-Latinas. As compared to Latinas who did not experience IPV and non-Latinas who… CONTINUE READING