Intimate Exteriority: Sufi Space as Sanctuary for Injured Subjectivities in Turkey

  title={Intimate Exteriority: Sufi Space as Sanctuary for Injured Subjectivities in Turkey},
  author={Sadeq Rahimi},
  journal={Journal of Religion and Health},
  • S. Rahimi
  • Published 21 August 2007
  • Philosophy
  • Journal of Religion and Health
When it comes to mental health and spirituality in the Muslim world, Tasawwuf, or Sufism as it is called in the West, stands as an automatic and obvious point of reference. It is true, of course, that Sufism has become a loose tag over time, used and abused in a vast range of meanings and applications. So much so that one could raise the objection that it signifies too wide a range of thought and practices across various Muslim societies (say from North Africa to India), to be a useful concept… 
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