Intestinal spirochetosis of the vermiform appendix.

  title={Intestinal spirochetosis of the vermiform appendix.},
  author={R. Henrik-Nielsen and Finn Lundbeck and Peter Stubbe Teglbjaerg and P Ginnerup and Kari Hovind-Hougen},
  volume={88 4},
A series of 681 surgically removed appendices were examined for spirochetes. Five hundred seventy-four appendices were removed because of suspected acute appendicitis; the rest were removed per occasionem. One hundred six of the former were histologically normal, whereas 421 showed acute appendicitis. The remaining 47 specimens showed a variety of other pathological conditions, for example, tumors and diverticula. Spirochetes were found in 13 (12.3%) of the appendices removed from patients… CONTINUE READING