Intestinal pseudo-obstruction due to dialysis amyloidosis.

  title={Intestinal pseudo-obstruction due to dialysis amyloidosis.},
  author={Toshio Shinoda and Makoto Komatsu and Tomokatsu Aizawa and Tomoko Shirota and Takuji Yamada and Toshiyuki Ehara and Eiichi Mizukami},
  journal={Clinical nephrology},
  volume={32 6},
Marked gastric dilatation and the carpal tunnel syndrome developed concurrently in a 58-year-old man treated with hemodialysis for 14 years. Despite extensive examinations, no attributable organic lesion was demonstrated in the gastrointestinal tract. However, amyloid deposition, which was immunohistochemically identified as beta-2 microglobulin, was demonstrated in the stomach and the synovia excised from the right carpal tunnel. Intestinal pseudo-obstruction due to dialysis amyloidosis was… CONTINUE READING