Intestinal permeability and Ménière's disease.


PURPOSE Ménière disease (MD) is a multifactorial chronic disabling condition characterized by episodic vertigo, ear fullness, and hearing loss. MD patients often complain of aspecific gastrointestinal symptoms associated with autonomic dysregulation, frequently outweighed by the otological manifestations. Dietary modifications have been reported to improve… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.amjoto.2017.12.002

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@article{Berardino2017IntestinalPA, title={Intestinal permeability and M{\'e}ni{\`e}re's disease.}, author={Federica Di Berardino and Daniel Zanetti and Emilio Ciusani and Claudio Caccia and Valerio Leoni and Ugo de Grazia and Eliana Filipponi and Luca Elli}, journal={American journal of otolaryngology}, year={2017} }