Intestinal parasites in pet store puppies in Atlanta.

  title={Intestinal parasites in pet store puppies in Atlanta.},
  author={J K Stehr-Green and Graham Murray and Peter Mullineaux Schantz and Susan P Wahlquist},
  journal={American journal of public health},
  volume={77 3},
We examined 143 pups from 14 Atlanta area pet stores for intestinal parasites and reviewed deworming practices and information given to customers. Seventy-four (52 per cent) of the pups had at least one parasite including Giardia sp. (34 per cent), Toxocara canis (12 per cent), and Isospora sp. (9 per cent). Eighty-eight per cent received some form of anthelminthic treatment while at the store. Only six (43 per cent) of the stores routinely informed clients of the need to continue deworming… CONTINUE READING

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