Intestinal expression of SHIP in inflammatory bowel diseases.

  title={Intestinal expression of SHIP in inflammatory bowel diseases.},
  author={Ingrid Arijs and Gert de Hertogh and Bart Lemmens and Jan Van der Goten and S{\'e}verine Vermeire and Frans Schuit and P. R. Rutgeerts},
  volume={61 6},
causes of death were septic shock in 62% of patients, haemorrhagic shock in 15% of patients, liver failure in 12% of patients, acute coronary syndrome in 9% of patients and other cause in 2% of patients. Patients with AKI had higher in-hospital mortality than patients without AKI (63.8% vs 8.1%, p<0.0001; unadjusted OR 19.9; 95% CI 8.4 to 46.9, p<0.0001) (tables 1 and 2). After adjusting for other covariates, AKI was independently associated with increased inhospital mortality (adjusted OR 6.9… CONTINUE READING

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