[Intestinal endometriosis as an acute surgical emergency].


Endometriosis is rarely found by the general surgeon and sometimes it may seem a surgical disease. Two cases with abdominal pain, requiring surgical treatment, are presented. The first case gave history of dysmenorrhea and dyspareunia, she was admitted with acute abdomen due to acute appendicitis, and laparoscopic appendectomy was performed without complications; she had slight endometriosis at left utero-sacrum ligament and histopathological report showed endometriosis at the appendix. The second patient presented with incomplete obstruction related to ileocecal damage that it was resected with an histopathological report of endometriosis at cecum, ileon and appendix. The patient presented with endometriosis, degree IV, and had medical treatment with gestrinohn, during six months; latter on, HTA+SOB, was done, she received hormonal therapy. Endometriosis may be a cause for acute abdomen in women, and it should be considered in the differential diagnosis.

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