Intestinal Tyzzer's disease and spirochetosis in a guinea pig.

  title={Intestinal Tyzzer's disease and spirochetosis in a guinea pig.},
  author={C G Mcleod and J L Stookey and Dana Harrington and James A. White},
  journal={Veterinary pathology},
  volume={14 3},
Tyzzer's disease (bacillus pilirformis infection) was diagnosed in young guinea pig killed because of diarrhea and poor condition. There was necrosis and inflammation of the colon, cecum and ileum. Typical B. piliformis were in intestinal epithelial cells. Spirochetes were in large numbers in intestinal crypts and were often adjacent to the intracellular B. piliformis. Extracellular B. piliformis occasionally were surrounded by spirochetes. 

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