Interweaving place and story in a location-based audio drama


This paper presents a qualitative study of an interactive audio drama facilitated by a location-based application. The investigation focuses on an accessible experience, a play in which the audience members simply trigger new scenes of the audio drama as they walk to predefined city areas. The findings draw attention to the role of the mobile technology in facilitating this particular artistic experience. Furthermore, they illustrate the various levels at which creative imagination and open interpretation emerge as audience members seek to make sense of the interrelations between the locative media experienced and elements of the places inhabited during the audio narrative. In concluding the article, designing for loose coupling between mobile media and physical places is suggested as a strategy to enable people’s engagement in meaningful experience through the use of various location-based services.

DOI: 10.1007/s00779-016-0908-x

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@article{Rossitto2016InterweavingPA, title={Interweaving place and story in a location-based audio drama}, author={Chiara Rossitto and Louise Barkhuus and Arvid Engstr{\"{o}m}, journal={Personal and Ubiquitous Computing}, year={2016}, volume={20}, pages={245-260} }