Interviews with Seymour Papert

  title={Interviews with Seymour Papert},
  author={Seymour Papert},
  journal={Comput. Entertain.},
The legendary Quincy Jones and Seymour Papert have graciouslyappeared on camera for interviews and joined the ACM Computers inEntertainment magazines editorial board. Quincy and Seymour are twoof the nicest people to talk to and work with. Quincy talks abouteducation as fun learning, the impact of music on children, howtechnology affects the way music is created and produced, anddigital distribution of music over the Internet. Seymour speaks oflearning-rich entertainment, Logo and computer… 

Design Principles for Affectibility

The principles that are presented here are based on empirical data and, at the same time, supported by a priori knowledge and are explored in the analysis of two existing activities for children on the educational XO laptop from OLPC.