InterviewAn interview with C.A.R. Hoare

  title={InterviewAn interview with C.A.R. Hoare},
  author={Len Shustek},
  journal={Commun. ACM},
C.A.R. Hoare, developer of the Quicksort algorithm and a lifelong contributor to the theory and design of programming languages, discusses the practical application of his theoretical ideas. 
Striving for Efficiency in Algorithms : Sorting
Sorting is the fundamental algorithmic problem in computer science. It is the first step in solving many other algorithmic problems. Donald Knuth, a world famous computer scientist and author of theExpand
Commercial hard drive failures in a data center application and the role of SMART attribute information
The analysis showed that when Backblaze started to record the data, the hard disk drives had already worked for a while and it is possible that some SMART attributes have experienced critical values that have not been recorded by Backblazed. Expand
PfTouch: Concurrent page-fault handling for Intel restricted transactional memory
PfTouch is proposed, a simple extension to RTM that allows page-fault handling to be moved out of non-speculative transactional execution in mutual exclusion, and achieves average reductions in execution time for the STAMP benchmarks. Expand
Complex Ranking Procedures
A research program for developing a formal framework for ranking procedures based on the Pairwise Comparisons method in the case where relatively few items are to be ranked with a complex procedure and according to a large number of criteria. Expand
A formal semantics of nested atomic sections with thread escape
The precise definition of atomicity, well-synchronisation and the proof that the latter implies the strong form of the former are described and formalisation of the results in the Coq proof assistant is described. Expand
From mathematical logic to programming-language semantics: a discussion with Tony Hoare
The discussion’s transcript is compared to previously published interviews with Hoare rather technical in that many questions are directly related to mathematical logic and computability theory in particular. Expand
Discipline of Software Engineering: An Overview
The RFID Technology Adoption in e-Government: Issues and Challenges
This paper examines both e-Government and RFID from an individual perspective and explores the possible issues and challenges associated with RFID technology adoption in e- government. Expand
Data Stream Algorithms for Codeword Testing
It is shown that for the error detection problem, there exists a one-pass, log-space data stream algorithm for a broad class of asymptotically good codes, including the Reed-Solomon (RS) code and expander codes, and that using the techniques, the space requirement and the upper bound of e ≤ O(n/k) cannot be improved by more than logarithmic factors. Expand
The "engineering" of software, a different kind of engineering
When the term software engineering was introduced 40 years ago [NAU 69], it “was deliberately chosen as being provocative, in implying the needs for software manufacture to be based on the types ofExpand