Interview with Guillermo Arrévalo, a Shipibo Urban Shaman, by Roger Rumrrill

  title={Interview with Guillermo Arr{\'e}valo, a Shipibo Urban Shaman, by Roger Rumrrill},
  author={Marlene Dobkin de Rios},
  journal={Journal of Psychoactive Drugs},
  pages={203 - 207}
Abstract Roger Rumrrill, a journalist headquartered in Lima, Peru who is a noted expert on the Peruvian Amazon, interviewed Guillermo Arrévalo, a Shipibo urban shaman in Pucallpa, who utilizes ayahuasca in curing rituals. Sr. Arrévalo comments on the phenomenon known as drug tourism, where urban men and women provide tours for foreigners, for a price, to experience drug-induced mystical experiences in urban settings like lquitos and Pucallpa, Peru, as well as in Brazil, Bolivia and Ecuador. Arr… Expand
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