Interventions for reducing extinction risk in chytridiomycosis-threatened amphibians.

  title={Interventions for reducing extinction risk in chytridiomycosis-threatened amphibians.},
  author={Ben C. Scheele and David A. Hunter and Laura F Grogan and Lee Berger and Jon E Kolby and Michael S McFadden and Gerry Marantelli and Lee F Skerratt and Don A Driscoll},
  journal={Conservation biology : the journal of the Society for Conservation Biology},
  volume={28 5},
Wildlife diseases pose an increasing threat to biodiversity and are a major management challenge. A striking example of this threat is the emergence of chytridiomycosis. Despite diagnosis of chytridiomycosis as an important driver of global amphibian declines 15 years ago, researchers have yet to devise effective large-scale management responses other than biosecurity measures to mitigate disease spread and the establishment of disease-free captive assurance colonies prior to or during disease… CONTINUE READING

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