Interventional pain management in the palliative care patient.

  title={Interventional pain management in the palliative care patient.},
  author={Marlene E McHugh and Debbie Miller-Saultz and Elsa Wuhrman and Boleslav Kosharskyy},
  journal={International journal of palliative nursing},
  volume={18 9},
  pages={426-8, 430-3}
For the majority of patients, cancer pain can be treated using the World Health Organization cancer pain guidelines; however, for 10-20% of patients with advanced cancer, adequate pain control cannot be achieved using these methods owing to disease pathophysiology preventing administration/absorption of pain medications or intolerance due to opioid toxicities. The need to expand analgesic treatment when oral, transdermal, and intravenous therapies fail requires exploration of interventional… CONTINUE READING