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Intervention for men who batter : an ecological approach

  title={Intervention for men who batter : an ecological approach},
  author={Jeffrey L. Edleson and Richard M. Tolman},
Introduction A Comprehensive Ecological Approach Ecological Assessment of Men Group Intervention for Men Who Batter Individual and Couple Treatment Social System Interventions Epilogue Toward a Violence-Free Ecology 

The Combined Effects of Criminal Justice Intervention on Domestic Violence: A Re-Analysis of the Minneapolis Intervention Project.

The Combined Effects of Criminal Justice Intervention on Domestic Violence: A ReAnalysis of the Minneapolis Intervention Project

Violence Against Women in the Workplace

Although Employee Assistance Programs often incorporate workplace violence prevention and debriefings into their array of services, rarely has any attention been paid to the risks for workplace vio...

Narratives of Scholars in the Field of Intimate Partner Violence

University of Minnesota Ph.D. dissertation. December 2014. Major:Family Social Science. Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Wieling. 1 computer file (PDF); iv, 329 pages.

Engaging a Systems Approach to Evaluate Domestic Violence Intervention with Abusive Men: Reassessing the Role of Community

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Staking a Claim: Analysing interventionist discourses of men's family violence

This research analysed behaviour change groupwork intervention as a response to the behaviour of men who perpetrate violence and abuse within the family. It found incongruences between stated

Battered women’s help-seeking: a turning point from victimization to readiness.

University of Minnesota Ph.D. dissertation. May 2009. Major: Social Work. Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey L. Edleson. 1 computer file (PDF); ix, 191 pages, appendices A-F.

Domestic violence and group treatment for male batterers

This paper examines the violent behavior of male batterers toward their female partners. Three major theoretical perspectives addressing the etiology of the male batterer's abusive behavior are

Working with violent men from a feminist social work perspective

For two decades feminism has addressed the problem of male violence in inter-personal relationships by working with women. However, men continue to violently abuse women. This article argues that

Deconstructing Male Violence Against Women

The MSV community-accountability model of male violence against women offers a view of the cultural and historical mechanisms that support violence against men and the potential for disrupting traditions of abuse and dominance at the individual, familial, local, national, and global levels.

Law Enforcement Officers Involved in Domestic Violence as Batterers

Abstract This article offers an integrative model of treatment for law enforcement officers involved in mutual violence as batterers in domestic violence. The model draws on aspects of motivational