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Intervals de marques

  title={Intervals de marques},
  author={Lambert Jorba Jorba},
El sistema de les marques senquadra dins del camp de lanalisi intervalar modal. En aquest context la tesi aporta un estudi de les operacions lineals, de la seva semantica i sobretot de la seva operativitat quan les operacions es fan en un context no exacte com en el cas de les aritmetiques digitals. Aquest estudi de la operativitat conclou amb la necessitat destablir un nou sistema intervalar que resolgui la problematica de la truncacio en les operacions lineals, sistema que a la vegada… 
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Marks: A New Interval Tool for Uncertainty, Vagueness and Indiscernibility

A new, more efficient characterization of the difference operator and a new implementation of the marks library is presented, and examples in dynamical systems simulation, fault detection and control are also included to exemplify the practical use of the Marks.




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Formal Solution to Systems of Interval Linear or Non-Linear Equations

It is shown that the modal intervals are a suitable tool to approach problems where logical reference appear and it is possible to give a logical meaning to general solutions of the system of equations obtained by means of an algorithm whose convergence conditions are studied.

Interval Estimations of Solution Sets to Real-Valued Systems of Linear or Non-Linear Equations

The main purpose of this second paper is to show that the modal intervals are a suitable tool to approach problems where logical references appear, for example, to find interval estimates of a special class of generalized sets of solutions of real-valued linear and non-linear systems, the UE-solution sets.

Algebraic approach to the interval linear static identification, tolerance, and control problems, or one more application of kaucher arithmetic

The simple and fastsubdifferential Newton method is presented, its convergence is proved, and a number of numerical methods to compute them are proposed.

Algebraic Approach in the "Outer Problem" for Interval Linear Equations

  • S. P. Shary
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
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  • 1997
A specialized algorithm is constructed that implements a new algebraic approach to the formulated problem, in which it reduces to solving one noninterval (point) equation in the Euclidean space of double dimension.

Interval Gauss-Seidel Method for Generalized Solution Sets to Interval Linear Systems

  • S. P. Shary
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
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The main result of the paper is an extension of the well-known interval Gauss-Seidel method to the problems of outer estimation of generalized AE-solution sets to interval linear systems.

Interval Analysis in the Extended Interval Space IR

This paper shows, how the extended Interval Space IR can be used to write formulas, theorems, and proofs in a closed form, i.e. without using the left and right interval bounds. So a basic