Interval Entropy and Informative Distance


The Shannon interval entropy function as a useful dynamic measure of uncertainty for two sided truncated random variables has been proposed in the literature of reliability. In this paper, we show that interval entropy can uniquely determine the distribution function. Furthermore, we propose a measure of discrepancy between two lifetime distributions at the interval of time in base of Kullback-Leibler discrimination information. We study various properties of this measure, including its connection with residual and past measures of discrepancy and interval entropy, and we obtain its upper and lower bounds.

DOI: 10.3390/e14030480

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@article{Misagh2012IntervalEA, title={Interval Entropy and Informative Distance}, author={Fakhroddin Misagh and Gholamhossein Yari}, journal={Entropy}, year={2012}, volume={14}, pages={480-490} }