Interunit, through-space 1H-19F and 13C-19F spin-spin couplings of 5-fluorinated arbekacins.

  title={Interunit, through-space 1H-19F and 13C-19F spin-spin couplings of 5-fluorinated arbekacins.},
  author={T. Miyake and Y. Koyama},
  journal={Carbohydrate research},
5-Deoxy-5-fluoroarbekacin (1) and 5-deoxy-5,5-difluoroarbekacin (2) showed interunit, through-space 1H-19F spin-spin couplings at the signals for H-1', 4", 5", 6"a and 6"b with F-5eq. These couplings were detected by a new NMR method, 1H-detected 2D 1H-19F chemical shift correlation spectroscopy. These two compounds also displayed interunit, through-space 13C-19F couplings at the resonances for C-1' and 5" with F-5eq. These couplings were corroborated by 1D 13C[1H]-[19F] triple-resonance… Expand
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