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Interstellar Mission Communications Low Background Regime

  title={Interstellar Mission Communications Low Background Regime},
  author={Philip Lubin and David G. Messerschmitt and Ian S. Morrison},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics},
Current attention on interstellar probes for near-term exploration of nearby star systems is focused on low-mass probes that can be accelerated to relativistic speed using propulsion from a ground-based DE beam. We consider the design of an optical communication downlink for the return of scientific data from such a probe at the distance of Proxima Centauri. The conditions under which background radiation can be neglected are quantified, and the design operates within that regime. Direct… Expand
A Starshot Communication Downlink
Breakthrough Starshot is an initiative to propel a sailcraft to Alpha Centauri within the next generation. As the sailcraft transits Alpha Centauri at 0.2 c, it looks for signs of life by imagingExpand
Design considerations for relativistic laser sails*
Abstract Physics based methods have been developed to obtain accurate design estimates for the performance of relativistic interstellar laser sails and to identify technologies to mitigate lossesExpand
Technological Challenges in Low-mass Interstellar Probe Communication
The primary goal is to identify major challenges or showstoppers if such a downlink were to be constructed using currently available off-the-shelf technology, and thereby provide direction and motivation to future research on the constituent design challenges and technologies. Expand


End-to-end interstellar communication system design for power efficiency
Radio communication over interstellar distances is studied, accounting for noise, dispersion, scattering and motion, and a direct statistical tradeoff between a larger number of observations and a lower average power is established. Expand
The New Horizons Spacecraft
The New Horizons spacecraft was designed to provide a platform for seven instruments designated by the science team to collect and return data from Pluto in 2015, and initial in-flight tests have verified that the spacecraft will meet the design requirements. Expand
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