Interspike interval analysis of retinal ganglion cell receptive fields.

  title={Interspike interval analysis of retinal ganglion cell receptive fields.},
  author={Daniel Lleweylln Rathbun and Henry J. Alitto and Theodore G Weyand and W Martin Usrey},
  journal={Journal of neurophysiology},
  volume={98 2},
The interspike interval (ISI) preceding a retinal spike has a strong influence on whether retinal spikes will drive postsynaptic responses in the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN). This ISI-based filtering of retinal spikes could, in principle, be used as a mechanism for processing visual information en route from retina to cortex; however, this form of processing has not been previously explored. Using a white noise stimulus and reverse correlation analysis, we compared the receptive fields… CONTINUE READING