Interspecies sex-specific growth responses inKluyveromyces

  title={Interspecies sex-specific growth responses inKluyveromyces},
  author={Alberta I. Herman},
  journal={Antonie van Leeuwenhoek},
The sex-specific growth factors produced by thea and α mating types ofKluyveromyces lactis were examined for interspecies cross-reactivity on growing cells ofKluyveromyces aestuarii andKluyveromyces delphensis. Taxonomically,K. aestuarii is closely related toK. lactis;K. delphensis is more distantly related. Reciprocal growth responses occurred betweenK. aestuarii and the a mating type ofK. lactis; no response was evident betweenK. delphensis and either sex ofK. lactis.